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Easter 2012

9 Apr

Easter this year fell on Grandmom Mullaney’s birthday – if you remember, this blog is named after a famous catch-phrase that Grandmom Mullaney used to say. So we remembered Grandmom Mullaney at dinner yesterday not only by discussing her birthday, but also by having 3 desserts to choose from…..thus requiring some folks to request “a sliver of each”.

Anyway, here are a couple snippets from our holiday – we were 2 brothers (and their families) short so it was a lighter holiday dinner than normal. We also had Pat’s friend, Paul, join us as well. He is a professional photographer so we were lucky to get some great pics from him!

This Easter was fabulous – the weather was beautiful (high 60’s, breezy, and sunny), the food was delicious, and the laughs kept coming.  Here are some shots.

Here were the apps. I made two of them: The spinach gruyere pinwheels and the roasted grape crostinis – I will post recipes for these items in the near future. My mom made cheese straws and also stuffed peppadews with goat cheese and had some olives and candy.

It wouldnt be easter without the easter egg hunt! Notice how 2 of the parents are just as active in the hunt as their children???

After the Hunt...counting the loot!

Here was a family group shot – I love these and we’ve had a couple occasions to do them this year.

Here are some dinner shots. Our menu consisted of: Lamb, twice-baked potatoes (made by Julie), grilled asparagus, salads with baked goat cheese, pickled beets, and bread (made by me!).

Pre-dinner shot with Maddie and Mom-mom

Roasted lamb with twice-baked potatoes

Grilled Asparagus and salad

One of my faves....Donkey and Goat - made by Patrick's friend, Jared

Before the feeding frenzy begins

And even the peacock came to say hello! (even though we lit off a quarter stick of dynamite 2 hours prior to try to get him to LEAVE – obviously, it didn’t work!) If anyone lives in the area and would love to have a peacock on their property – and you think you can catch him – please let me know. My parents would be so grateful for you to have him.

Someone take this peacock away from my parents house

And for dessert: My mom’s amazing Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, Lemon Meringue Pie, and Birthday Cake for me (since it was my birthday the day before). It was a tough choice to decide on just one. Some of us needed a sliver of each!!!

3 choices for dessert

All in all, it was a wonderful day for everyone.


Family Cookbook

20 Feb

Family Cookbook - Cover

As I’ve talked about previously, my mom put together Family Cookbooks for my brothers and I that includes all of our old family favorite recipes, recipes from our ancestors, and also recipes that we have contributed. She took Vera Bradley large notebooks, put our names on the covers, and photocopied almost 100 of the same recipes. One of the most PRIZED recipes is my Grandmom’s Apple Pancake recipe.

Inside Cover - Grandmom's Pancake recipe

But she also included some other fun things like prayers, inspirational quotes, and pictures of all of us eating!

Quotes and PrayersOld family pics - early days

She covered every category – appetizers, sides, veggies, breakfast, and desserts.

Sample Recipe Spread

Some recipes I had never seen before – and some I was overjoyed to have the official copy of.

More old pics - looks like my 1st birthday eating cake

There couldn’t have been a better present to give all of us. I’ve cracked my cookbook open SEVERAL times. Sometimes I just get it out and look at it a couple times. It’s fascinating and it brings back memories from family get-togethers.

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