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Emile Henry Factory Sale

9 Dec

My BFF John works in Delaware and got a flyer to an Emile Henry Factory Sale on 12/8 in Delaware. He immediately invited me to go with him. I jumped at the chance. I love Emile Henry merchandise. I have purchased it in the past for others, but never for myself. I’ve only ever had Emile Henry lookalikes. If you aren’t familiar with Emile Henry, here is their website – you have most likely seen the pie dishes at least. They make high-quality ceramic ovenware and cooking products:

This was my chance to get some pieces at 80% OFF!!!!!! Yes, you heard me – 80% off.

Emile Henry wasn’t the only vendor there – Rosle, Mauviel, Lekue, and Duralex. I wasn’t really into the Lekue products – lots of silicone pieces. For whatever reason, I don’t trust silicone baking products.

John was excited to check out the beautiful copper pots by Mauviel and he ended up getting one. I got a couple random Rosle and Duralex items. And for my Emile Henry purchases…I got a STEAL.

Emile Henry pie dishes are usually $45 a piece in stores. They had an apricot colored pie dish on sale for $8!!!!!!!!!! Some other colors were $15. Come on…..$8 and $15? Insane. They also had an apricot Lasagna Dish on sale for $13!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine? That sells in stores for $70…….INSANE! I think they might be discontinuing the apricot color or something. We couldnt believe the prices – everyone around was marveling about it.

I also got a beautiful ruffled-edge serving dish that I believe would be around $70 or $80 in stores, for $19.95. I love it and cant wait to use it.

Okay – enough of the blah blah blah. Here are the pics. I am sorry I didn’t take any pics of the factory sale warehouse scene – it was mobbed and we even went 2 hours after it opened.

Total lootage:


Pie dishes:


Lasagne dish:


The beautiful ruffled bowl….


If you got the email flyer (like John did), you could print out a coupon for a free gift. Here was the free gift – a set of mini duralex prep bowls. These are AWESOME to use when you want to measure out all of your spices so while you are busy cooking, you can quickly dump your spices/ingredients into the pot/bowl/pan.


And so that you can see the amazing discounts, here is my receipt:


Dont worry – some of these items are christmas gifts. Not everything is for me 🙂 We cant wait to go again next December. We already have a couple items in our mind picked out.

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